Saturday, August 14, 2010

Treasure Hunt CONVOFAIR 2010

Theme : Perak Tourism
Date : 2nd October 2010
9th Ocotber 2010
(The date has been postponed due to unforseen circumstances)
Fees : RM 140 per team (max. 4 per team)
     Due date : 1st September 2010
Treasure Hunt is one of the annual pre-event of UTP Convofair. For this year, the competition will be open to all UTP students, staff and public. This event will cover from UTP to around Perak, which has many interesting and historical places to be visit. Treasure Hunt is a strategy game which participants are required to find answers throughout the event based on the questions provided. Besides answering those questions, participants are required to do some challenging and exciting activities. Treasure hunters must pool their knowledge, skills and teamwork to solve a variety of challenging puzzles. 

This helps break down social barriers and creates esprit-de-corps, as the team races against time (and other teams) to solve the puzzles and visit each of the mysterious locations. The main aim is for everyone to have fun and share the experience of collaboratively solving the puzzles, and finding the treasure at each clue site. Therefore, every team must work together as one.


Treasure Hunt is a competition, which is strongly based on the participants creative thinking in answering questions and they are required to search the right answers at a specified location. The participants also have to use their creativity and teamwork in order to reach the next point and finished all the challenging activities. This one day competition will start from UTP to the unknown checkpoint and back to UTP. During this competition, they have to complete some activities that have been assigned to them as one of the games requirement. As soon as the participants manage to complete all the answers, they need to report themselves at the last checkpoint for the Treasure Hunt.


Submit the form by e-mail or by hand to the contact person.. 
RM 50 be deposited into the account 
(0411-0006538-52-5 Muhammad Khuzari)
by 1st September 2010..

We are extending the final registration date..
Please submit your form by 26 September..
Fast!! For the place is limited!! 

Contact us after u have trasferred..


HAZIM : 013-7432650 

KHUZAIRI : 013-4550787

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